My name is Lourens Rijniers and this is my personal homepage.

On this page I share my hobbies with you. I am facinated by trains, both real trains as well as modeltrains on scale 1:87. Besides my facination for trains I also like to make pictures or movies of them. On this site I will show you.

Beneluxspoor modelspoor filmwedstrijd

Ik had een filmpje ingestuurd voor de beneluxspoor filmwedstrijd en heb gewonnen. Ik moet zeggen dat er zeker een aantal andere filmpjes heel erg leuk waren en dit niet direct had verwacht.
Dank aan iedereen die op mij heeft gestemd!
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August 30 2013 Beneluxspoor modelspoor filmwedstrijd
May 05 2013 Old and new together
August 28 2012 Video of my modeltrack
August 28 2012 Allegra in betrieb ?
August 28 2012 Project: The Werkstatte
August 28 2012 Bovenleiding gebouwd
August 28 2012 Interesting links to other sites
August 28 2012 Xrotet 9218 - electro schneesleuder
August 28 2012 TrainCon software package


The RhB has many structures that can be called amazing in many respects. One of them is the Kreisviaduct in the town of Brusio. Bruiso is located between Poschiavo and Tirano. Because the valey is going down very fast and the tracks cannot have such a gradient a viaduct was build in which the train turns over itself to lose height. ...read more
August 28 2012 Bernina
August 28 2012 Landquart - Davos
August 28 2012 Es gibt Eisenbahnen dann wird das Reisen zum Ziel

Some trains in Venlo

I had some time in Blerick as my son was on the swimmin lessons, so I decided to drive along the railway and see whether a nice foto was to be made. ...read more
April 14 2013 Some trains in Venlo
August 28 2012 Arnhem closed - unusual trains in Venlo
August 28 2012 br 103 in Venlo with Rheingold
August 28 2012 Vacation in Switserland
August 28 2012 Trip from Venlo to The Hague
August 28 2012 Pictures of RhB in Switserland - September 2008

Most expensive winter hotels in the world

I have always been thinking that the most expensive hotels would be in St.Moritz. This is of course since I love St.Moritz and always was amazed by the prices that were charged there. Now the new list is out, and I was wrong. It even seems that the Badrutts Palace, which I thought was the most expensive, is only the number 20 in the list. Other St.Moritz hotels are even more expensive, like the Carlton and the Suvretta House. ...read more
February 12 2013 Most expensive winter hotels in the world
August 28 2012 New Website Online


You can also find me on facebook. http://nl-nl.facebook.com/lourens.rijniers ...read more
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