Old and new together

This weekend an STL G4/5 came over to my tracks. Reason for this visit was that I was building in a Digitrax decoder to make it suitable for digital operation. This scared me as it was a wonderfull piece and I did not want to harm it. But in the end all worked out fine and the loco could run on my tracks.

Below are some pictures of the digital building in.

Below the newest and oldest together on my track.

August 30 2013 Beneluxspoor modelspoor filmwedstrijd
May 05 2013 Old and new together
August 28 2012 Video of my modeltrack
August 28 2012 Allegra in betrieb ?
August 28 2012 Project: The Werkstatte
August 28 2012 Bovenleiding gebouwd
August 28 2012 Interesting links to other sites
August 28 2012 Xrotet 9218 - electro schneesleuder
August 28 2012 TrainCon software package

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