Es gibt Eisenbahnen dann wird das Reisen zum Ziel

One of the most interesting railways in the world is the Rhätische Bahn . This pages contain information about the Rhaetische Bahn and about my interest in it. The RhB is a train company operating a meter gauge network in the Swiss canton Graubunden. The company is over 100 years old. The huge effort made by the people to build the tracks years ago facinates me. The RhB network in Graubunden is streching out through the entire canton. It connects with the normal gauge tracks of the SBB in Chur and Landquart. From there travellers and cargo can be transfered into the rest of Switserland. The RhB meets normal gauge again at the end of the Bernina Track in Tirano. This time it is not the SBB but the FS the RhB meets. In Disentis the tracks of the RhB meet with the tracks of the Furka Oberalp Bahn, another meter gauge company. Together with the FO and the BVZ the RhB operates the famous Glacier express. Until some time ago the network was divided in three sections. The standard net (Stamnetz) which are most of the lines, the Chur-Arosa line and the Bernina line. The latter two were different from the stamnetz because of the other electricity system used on these lines. The Chur-Arosa line has been re-electrified to the Stamnetz 11KV 16,6 Hz system in 1998 (?). The Bernina line still has a different electricity system. The bernina line runs from St.Moritz over the bernina pass into Italy to Tirano.

August 28 2012 Bernina
August 28 2012 Landquart - Davos
August 28 2012 Es gibt Eisenbahnen dann wird das Reisen zum Ziel

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