Landquart - Davos

The RhB story begins in about 1888 as the Smalspurbahn Landquart Davos (LD) is founded. Some years before in 1866 Willem Jan Holsboer, a dutch business man has moved towards Davos together with his ill wife. He hopes that Dr. Alexander Spengler, who practices medicine in Davos is able to cure his wife. Unfortunately she dies in 1867, but at that time Spengler and Holsboer have become friends. Holsboer marries Ursula Busch and settles in Davos. Together with Spengler they build the first health resort (Schatsalp) in Davos. The resort is good business and after a fire which completely destroys the hotel en even larger hotel is build. Holsboer spend efforts in infrastructure for Davos. In 1888 He founds the Smallspurbahn Landquart Davos. The first train runs on october 9th 1889 from Landquart to Kloosters. On juli 21st 1890 Davos is reached. The station Landquart has an altitude of 523 meter above sealevel. In 32 kilometers the station of Klosters is reached at an altitude of 1191 m. After total 47 km Davos Dorf is reached at 1560 m.

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August 28 2012 Landquart - Davos
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